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Aluminium Foil Sheet Roll Baking Barbecue Grill Paper


1. Food-grade material, harmless and heat resistant.

2. Keep the original taste and nutrition in food, and avoid overcooked 3. Withstands high heat for grilling&barbecue and withstands extreme cold for freezing. 4. Makes clean-up fast and easy. 5. Enjoy more evenly baked cookies that hold their shape. 6. Great for kitchen chef, bbq pitmaster, restaurant and catering, household foodies and all the people loving cooking. 7. Use this aluminum foil it in the kitchen to cover up your freshly made hot dishes, to keep your barbecue supple and moist while it cooks, or to line your cookware in order to ensure even heat distribution.   Uses: 1. Barbecue meat wrapped in the meat surface can make the water is not easy to lose, the meat is not easy to dry, the taste is more delicious. 2. Baking time can be used to pad the baking pan 3. When baking the cake, the cake swells to a certain height, the surface color begins to deepen, this time in the cake surface covered with a layer of foil (as long as you can easily catch), baked out of the cake is not easy to paste, It is not easy because of water loss and become dry.